Vinyl Is Good For You Vol​.​1

by Paris DJs Soundsystem

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Paris DJs is a young label launched in 2012, who's already put out no less than 4 Reggae albums, 5 Afro/Tropical compilations, 2 Hip Hop compilations and 50 singles of Reggae, Ska, Afro, Latin, Jazz, Soul, etc. The productions come from all over the world, mastered with a vintage, warm and ideally spatialized sound. You can find those releases on the digital platforms, Bandcamp, JunoDownload, iTunes, Amazon, etc.
Now Paris DJs starts doing vinyl releases, with many collectable pressings, starting with this six 45s boxset named 'VINYL IS GOOD FOR YOU', mostly about Jamaican grooves - Reggae, Rub-a-Dub and Ska, with some Afrofunk & Latin Funk Breaks also included.

Featuring Afrodyete (The Breakestra), Alice Russell (courtesy of Tru Thoughts Recordings), Brownout, Grant Phabao, Jungle Fire, The Lone Ranger & Carlton Livingston, The Jays, this selection gathers the best DJ tunes from Paris DJs' digital releases.

The multicolored 7 inches center artworks & sleeves, the boxset itself have all been conceived and illustrated by graphic designer Ben Hito, "the only French artist who achieved the perfect alchemy between the hippie psychedelism from San Francisco 1967 et the Foucray wallpapers design from the Seventies" (Rock'n'Folk magazine - Dec 2013).

This 6x45s boxset is heavily limited, a true collector's item. It was crowdfunded through a campaign of pre-orders which happened in June 2014 on the French Kiss Kiss Bank Bank website. Only a 100 copies of that boxset are being printed (maybe a handful more - printing on cardboxes isn't an exact science), and already 93 have been pre-ordered.

This really is an 'Act Fast Or Cry Later' situation, even though the 45s may be ordered separately. A total of 300 copies of each 7 inch will be pressed, including those to be found in the 'Vinyl Is Good fo You' boxset. People who helped make this happen with their pre-orders on the crowdfunding website got a very special price of 70€. The remaining copies are sold for 100€ - expect them to fetch much higher prices on Ebay soon - or you can grab the digital version for 10€ - without the Alice Russell remixes due to licensing restrictions...


released August 25, 2014

Paris DJs Soundsystem
"Vinyl Is Good For You"
Finest Selections 45 Tours Volume 1

Collection directed by Djouls, Grant Phabao & Ben Hito
Graphic art by Ben Hito
A T.I.M.E.C. production
Vinyl pressing by Sowatt
Printed by Jean Villevieille & Delphine Chapuis / La Fabrique Andrézieux
Manufactured by Capadoc Cartonnage

Thanks to Loik Dury & Kraked
Thanks to Les Frères Lumineux - Association pour la promotion de la sérigraphie d'art
Thanks to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

©2014 T.I.M.E.C./Paris DJs



all rights reserved


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Paris DJs Paris, France

Paris-based production team (Djouls, Grant Phabao, Loik Dury & Ben Hito) featuring worldwide guest vocalists, musicians, deejays, graphic/web designers and writers. Reggae, Afro, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop and more audio goodness.


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